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Transformation of mind first, body next!

Are you someone who has been consistently struggling from first week to see big changes despite managing to somehow gulp those so-called "clean foods" and training now and then possible?

Just as any beginner, we all start by trying hard to transform the body by just literally following a plan blindly. Now what's wrong with that is the question, isn’t it? A transformation is not just about a diet or training plan, it's more psychological! Let's say you are following a plan randomly because it worked for someone and on a positive note by the end of 12 weeks you achieved a certain amount of results. Now, what happens on your 13th week? Either go back to the old lifestyle or try following the same and give up at one point. Doesn’t that make one a Lab rat under an experiment and once the experiment is done the rat has no clue what has happened. This is called an attempt to “transform body first” So what are we supposed to do? Try applying a logical principle of “transforming mind first, body next” Sounds nice, how does one do that? Well, you see every transformation is made of phases. 1- Comfort zone ----------> Fear Zone 2- Fear zone ----------> Learning Zone 3- Learning Zone----------> Lifestyle Change 1. This is a phase where your mind is used to a small circle of luxury, where you have already adapted to living in a way eg: eating as per availability, giving more preference/time to work(the Indian way), less personal time. Managing stress with comfort foods. Always choosing the easy way to stay comfy and pampered. Well, We all have this so-called Comfort zone. Now when someone starts there transformation journey understand that more than your body, it's your mind that does through a lot of challenges. That’s why your first few weeks is all about being in fear Zone. 2. This is the most crucial phase of a journey “FEAR ZONE” as one goes through a lot of mental challenges like change in regular life routine, being strict on nutrition, making time for training, handling negative feedbacks. So what do we do? Show all the aggression on the weighing scale to make sure we do not stay in the fear zone long. 90% of the time when one does that, it means he or she is expecting a lot from the body, hence mentally the fear of being uncomfortable increases and end point “Cheat” or go out of track. Now why don’t we for once work on measuring our commitment level, adapting to the routine, staying patient till one gets used to the routine. When someone waits until then that’s where he or she has transformed their mind to come out of the fear zone and as a by-product one would have already started seeing changes on scale or measurements, strength levels, better productivity at work due to strict management of time. 3. LEARNING ZONE - This is a fun zone with a mixed emotion of fear and happiness. You will be in a better confidence level, this is where you start putting your mind in learning to replace foods, read more nutrition labels to find options, make creativity recipes, experiment during travels with your nutrition, train as per your recovery levels, move workouts as per priorities. 4. LIFESTYLE CHANGE- there you are its been so many months that your mind has been helping your body to achieve a different comfort zone in which balanced priorities of health, work and personal life is attained with equal importance to all. You are no more worried about weight during travel as you have become that ARNOLD from TERMINATOR movie as you look at the food you see macros and you know how to manage on the go. Now you see it's not just about losing weight, there is a lot that happens in your life circle when you decide to go for a transformation and that’s why always work on training your mind to see it in phases and not just the weighing scale. If you are someone who has done a transformation, I am sure you would have gone through this and probably smiling and saying “I so relate to this” and for others who are going through or starting their fitness journey remember “Transformation of mind first, body next” Stay iron Addicted!

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