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🔺Training pyramid🔺

Exercise Science
🏋️ The training pyramid by Dr. Eric Helms is the most comprehensive evidence-based and practical approach for any training program. There are 6 parts of the pyramid. The most important parts are at the bottom of the pyramid covering the maximum area. These elements build the foundation of any training program.

- 👀 Coaches around the world focus on these training variables while preparing a training program. But every coach has their own priorities while focusing on the variables. - 💁 This pyramid proved to help coaches around the world including me to get my priorities in the right order while programming a training plan for each client. - 💪 The muscle and strength nutrition and training pyramids are one of the most comprehensive, evidence-based and practical books you could purchase. @helms3dmj @andreavaldez and @andy_rippedbody  Thank you, guys! - #coach #onlinecoach #nutritionconsultant #Workout #Fitness #Bodybuilding #Strength #stayfit #fitindia #fitnessmotivation #motivation #programming #training #strengthtraining #lift #pyramid #exercisescience
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