Amitkumar Saha

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In pandemic time, many of GYM goers have chosen to work out at home. The day we want to train our back muscle hard, we always feel the need of our favourite exercise machines particularly “Lat Pull Down” and “Cable Rowing”.

Importance: Seated Cable Rowing and Lat Pull Down, both are compound exercises and train multiple back muscles e.g. latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, trapezius etc. Back muscles may remain underdeveloped if we do not train them well with varieties. At home we might have free weights but they can not be utilized for these two workouts. Solution: Easy to carry resistance tubes comes in rescue as an easy alternative to perform both the exercises. Resistance tubes come along with handles which makes it easy to have proper grip; intensity can be increased by adding more tubes. Adjust their end with your room door. Added advantage: Resistance tube is easy to carry during your travelling days and one can enjoy performing other muscle group exercises too.
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