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Exercise Science
Deltoid muscle is present at the outer part of your shoulder, it looks traingular in shape and consists of 3 parts - Anterior Deltoid, Middle Deltoid and Posterior Deltoid. It is important to hit all these 3 muscles when training your deltoid to achieve a good rounded shoulder anatomy.

I have selected following workouts which targets all 3 deltoid muscles - 1. Barbell overhead press Muscles Worked ~ Anterior deltoid (highly worked) , middle deltoid and posterior deltoid 2. Dumbell shoulder press Muscles worked ~ upper chest, anterior, middle, posterior deltoid, traps, triceps 3. Dumbell side lateral raises Muscles Worked ~ Anterior deltoid , middle deltoid and posterior deltoid, traps. 4. Front dumbell lateral raises Muscles Worked ~ Muscles worked ~ lateral deltoid, anterior deltoid, traps Breathing technique ~ breath in at the start of the workout, complete your rep, come back to the starting position, breath out.

Prateek Maggo

I had read in the foundation course that side Lateral Raise involves as much of supraspinatus and anterior deltoid as Lateral Delt. It says doing the workout in the scapular plane takes care of this. Why is this and how to do the exercise that way?

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