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- Shanu Shashank

We tend to look for shortcuts and excuses to avoid putting in the extra work – it is only human nature to look for the easy way out. So, wanting to have the control of your thoughts so you can eat in moderation is natural but actually doing it is not that easy. What’s the solution? It's not the junk food that creates trouble, but the lack of determination and persistence. Often we look for excuses when we start – what if I am not able to follow this routine after two weeks because I will be busy with work commitments? What if something comes up this week and I have to give up? Our biggest problems are caused by negative thoughts and words. Positive attitude: A must A positive attitude along with patience and the willingness to work hard is necessary. Above all, the most important aspect of it all is to realize that we need to take the necessary actions to reach our goal. We need to focus on what is in our control, because we anyway do not have much of a say in what is beyond our control. Do things over and over again until they become a habit. Build the habit so well that it becomes almost impossible to break it!

Yasmin Naaz

Very well said

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