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Train to build your body, not to beat it down!

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Sweaty, chiseled fitness models gassing out after their Intense set! A lady hits the ground, tired after her relentless burpees, gets up and muscles few more reps! An overweight lad pushed by his coach to complete his first exceptionally hard pull-up! Sounds like a usual plot for motivational workout video. It will surely pump you up. You would want to hit the gym and do the most brutal workout possible. 'Go hard or go home' that's the mantra. Right? Umm maybe not.

Wheather your goal is fatloss or muscle gain, to attain good results, it takes time and consistency. Pushing your body to its limit is possible only for one or few weeks. After that your body starts breaking down and performance deteriorates. Managing fatigue in the long run is the most important factor for you to improve performance. Without your best performance, you won't do the most work possible to attain your goal. For this reason your should train such that you keep progressing without fatiguing too much. Remember you are building a better body. It requires you to manage your workouts and your recovery. It requires you to feel good and not to puke in the trash can. Here are some practical tips: 1. Track you workout so that you know exactly what you are doing.This way you'll have a log and you can challenge yourself while keeping a track of how many reps you did and how it felt. 2. Rate each set on the basis of how it felt in terms of easy, hard, very hard, extremely hard(no further reps possible). 3. Do the same for the complete workout too. 4. From here your goal is to keep sets hard, sometimes very hard. It's okay if it feel easy at times. You can pull it up a bit. 5. Do not enter the extremely hard zone very often. It won't keep you going for long. 6. This can be applied to endurance training too.

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