Akash Rochlani

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Tomorrow for sure !

What is always coming but never really arrives?

if you havent figured out the answer to the riddle read below. ' I'll start the gym tomorrow/monday' ' I'll start a diet tomorrow/monday' ' I'll go for a run tomorrow/monday, im too tired' ' I can achieve my fitness goals ,im starting tomorow/monday for sure ' ' Monday is the start of the week ill start' Yes by now you have figured out the answer to the riddle. Yes its 'Tomorrow' Tomorrow is the day to achieve all our goals towards leading a healthy life. Yes it will come and we have been im this loop for a long time. So how to stop this loop ? 1001 ways are available which we all know yet there is only one which works. 'Action' yes taking that step towards your goals. Immediate action. When I find myself talking these lines before going to the gym , I immediately take a deep breath in and out 4-5 times and i start packing my bags and im off to the gym. ofcourse i start smiling because i know ive beaten the promise of tomorrow. If you plan to do something tomorrow, try and take an action right right now even if it means starting to diet for a meal , im sure it will get the ball rolling. Another thing that works is buddy up , buddying up with people who are already doing it helps you beat tomo rrowland. Well if you do break the promise of tomorrow after reading this comment below and if you ever have yourself broken this promise comment below on how , you could be helping someone with your unique expwrience . Cheers to all who have beaten tomorrow? time for gym now 💪

Samira H Shah

yep.. i head to the gym right aftr office even if im tired. i make myself drive to the gym..i literally put the gps on to the direction of my gym. yea i do dat so google aunty will keep tellin me to take the turns towards the gym..hehe..even if its fr a 45 50 mins i push myself. n then i feel proud n pat my back. 😁1 day at a time. i repeat in my mind.. consistency. childish but dat helps me.

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