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To calorie count or not

Dieting Psychology
Have you heard this from your friends and family around you or you are confused . Well then this is for you.

Try this: Secene one - apply 1tbsp peanut butter to bread when you are happy Scene two - apply 1tbsp peanut butter to bread when you are sad hahah yes , you are right both days it will be different applications. Hmm so though the measurements are same its not equal. lets take another scenario There is technique where people measure in bowls & spoons, are the bowls at your house and your friends /relatives house the same size . Oh yes the dreaded question of the difference between tablespoon and teaspoon. oh my , that haunted me quite some time. Hmm so all measures though look same arent same. Well we count our ingredients for everything that we make from idlis dosa , cakes, rotis , rice mostly all foods. So we measure foods in general, hmm ok. Ever looked at the packet labels yes they are measuring caloires too, but why ? yes because we as consusmers have daily calorie allowance. The GOVERNMENT has laws and minimum Recommended Daily allowance for every male and female. wow so calorie counting is not a new concept and even the government knows. Lets look at all of our families before the corporate-weekend culture. We all ate at home mostly home cooked food. We all ate specific number of chapattis or specific portion of rice as it was carefully measured by our genuis mothers. All family members were distributed food as per that. Wow so she always did mental maths on what amount to cook so as not to have extra food as we hardly used refrigerators to store excess foods. Wow so we have been measuring food in numbers. So calorie counting basically makes us more efficient against our emotions ,so the day that you breakup or your team loses the match or you had a bad day, measures will never go wrong. Well the next day atleast your mirror will tell you ' You look awesome, we are doing great' atleast thats me after a day that didnt go my way. So, heres a task for you 1. Without couting calories how long do you think you will take to lose weight 2. Without couting calories how would you maintain your weight 3. Without couting calories how will you put on muscle 4. Why do you put on weight after you loose weight ? 5. You have been trying for years eating clean but not been able to lose that 5-10 kgs. 6. After you stop gym /walk /yoga why do you put on weight 7. Why did i put on weight after college when you count calories and understand simple energy principle (calories in vs caloires out) and adheare to it you will be able to answer all the questions above. All my mentees can & most people on this group can as well. Next time a keto diet, intermittent fasting , eating 2/3 times a day diet, detox diet, weight watchers diet , if it fits your macros (iifym)diet , high protein diet, atkins diet, water fasting , ' eat in moderation' diet fails understand why , come back to the principle of counting calories & energy balance prjnciple - understand the science and voila be back on track. It changed my life after having tried'sab kuch khana chaiye' philosophy to 'eat in moderation' what worked for me was calorie counting to get to my goals. Failure has been my teacher. all the best with your physique goals , thanks for reading 😇

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