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Tips to stop weekend weight gain

We all get into this psychological dilemma of how to follow one’s diet within the targeted macros during the weekends when you have your friends and family waiting for you to join them over that irresistible saturday brunch or all-that-you-can-eat buffet. You are left with two simple choices: become that unsocial rat to avoid overindulgence in any of the gatherings or simply be that person who doesn’t give a damn if a kg here and there shows up on the scale. Well, everything comes with a price.

Getting a six packs is not a big thing, it’s just a matter of few weeks and months of constantly saying NO to every person who asks you to have food which figures nowhere close to your plan. With every Yes that you say in that favour, you are a day farther from your goals and your scales tilting. Even if it would not be technically, at least it does have the power to create guilt of not staying focussed on your goals. When you are trying to fix things, it’s always good to be strict with the plan and avoid too much of fluctuations. However, if you are one of those people who just cannot live without a social life that involves eating out frequently, there are certain strategies which can still help you maintain your progress, without letting you deviate much from the plan, guilt free. Intermittent Fasting- IF is a great dieting tool when it comes to saving a window for your overall intake. Try having a controlled breakfast and lunch or any two meals before you finally go for hogging up in the dinner. With limited calories intake over the day, it gives you huge scope to eat anything without worrying too much about gaining weight. Protein throughout the day- Keeping a protein rich diet throughout the day. This helps you save those extra calories for carbohydrates and also keep you full. So, when you go out, you can still have your biryani and favourite ice cream. Following a 80/20 rule- Well, adding to the above flexibility tricks, you can also try saving certain calories for the end of day. Purposefully eating few calories lesser than your maintenance calories leaves room for you to indulge just the slightest bit. Mindful eating- Well in addition to all of that, this is one of the most important habits that one needs to learn and develop. Learning to eat with the right quantity is a habit itself which develops with time. So, the ability to restrict your favourite food and not overeat is an equally essential thing which requires determination to see it through. Now, all of these happen to be somewhat flexible ways of managing the diet under certain circumstances. One really needs to make the choice to meet the purpose and the way that accommodates his/ her lifestyle. Weekend weight gain comes as a slow outcome of negligent eating done in a repeated manner! So, whatever be the choice you make, think of sustainability and fitness as a lifestyle. This should help you beat the potential “weekend bulges” and flex those muscles a little more to be on track.

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