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Tips to Make Sure You are Progressing in the Gym

Exercise Science
Training Tips: INFS Faculty Arpit Kushwaha shares 'Tips to make sure you are progressing in the gym'

- Focus on form and technique - Make sure you are training for hypertrophy - Stay injury free If you want to progress in the Gym - be it for gaining muscles, gaining strength or just staying fit you need to take care of all these things. Try to learn how to execute all the lifts. This will increase your efficiency and you will be able perform quality reps, recruit more muscle fibers than just beating around the bush. Irrespective of your goals, be it to gain strength or just staying fit, you need muscles. The more muscles you have, the more power you will be able to generate and the more strength capacity you will have. So, make sure you are training with adequate volume. One of the reasons why most of us fail to progress is because of lack of consistency. Injuries affect your consistency in weight room and can stop you from progressing. Take enough rest, make sure you are not overusing your muscles and getting enough recovery. #infs #gymtips #trainingtips #musclebuilding #resistancetraining #strengthtraining #form #echnique


Hello I'm starting gym in next two days. Can you plz suggest me what kind of wt training I need to do in gym as I'm totally new to it.

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