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Tips To Increase Protein Intake

Not a hidden fact, People that consume higher protein diets are leaner, have more lean body mass, better body composition and have better health outcomes than people that don’t. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/27903833/)

Few tips to increase your protein intake 1. Start your day with high protein, this often leads to increased satiation and eating fewer calories later. Some high protein breakfast options include eggs, egg whites, chicken sausage, tofu /paneer sandwich, protein powder smoothies. 2. Prioritize eating protein with every meal, think of your protein source as the “main” and build around that. 3. Ask for double servings of protein in place of other options. This works especially well at subways,pita-pits, etc 4. PLAN YOUR MEALS! Coming home or going to work with nothing planned is dooming yourself to fail! Map out your week and write it down if you have to. 5. Always have high protein snacks available if in case you are traveling a lot or short on time. Protein cookies/ bars can be a good option, protein powder or boiled eggs work beautifully! 6. Ask for grilled chicken/fish/prawns for the main course, not only you will able to save to calories but at the same time able to have some protein


Red Beans, Chickpeas, Pulses, French / green beans, green peas, whey protein, besan, Cottage Cheese (has fat), Quinoa, Nuts (has good fat) and Seeds. ++ Bengal gram, peanuts..

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