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Tips to Improve your Workouts

Exercise Science
Sometimes it is difficult to add more weight or there is lack of equipment and you might find it difficult to make the workout session challenging.

Few tips on things you could do: - Improve your range of motion. At times we think that we are doing a good range of motion but when you record yourself and look at it; there is always a scope of improvement. - Add more repetitions. You could add more reps upto 20 reps per set. - Use paired Sets(train different muscle groups back to back) to maximise time utilization - Use supersets or drop sets if there is not enough weights available - Reduce rest period. - Use resistance bands on the weights to increase resistance. - Add HIIT at the end of your training - Do body weight workouts and focus on unilateral movements like pistol squats, archer push ups and pull ups - Add variations and increase training frequency. Note: You do not need fancy gym equipments to transform you. A bit of creativity can help you improvise.

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what is super sets and drop sets?

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