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Tips for staying hydrated [ATHLETES] 💦💦

Drinking enough fluids and staying hydrated is equally important to an athlete’s nutritional needs for optimum performance. Dehydration not only affects the performance of an athlete but also cause a severe problem of body core temperature increase which can ultimately result in exertional heat illness (Cramps. Exhaustion and Strokes).

- It is important to maintain a fluid balance in the body. Some drink an appropriate amount of fluids, some have a high sweating rate as a result of this varying amount of fluid can be lost. Other factors such as outdoor temperature and humidity, exercise intensity and duration, availability of beverages and personal preferences. - The best way to monitor hydration status is by observing the color of urine. [Refer to the picture] - If the color is dark yellow then the athlete is most probably dehydrated and needs to consume more fluids. If the color is pale yellow or clear then the athlete is well hydrated. - ➡️ Few tips for athletes to follow: • Drink fluids throughout the day and with meals • Follow established guidelines for a fluid replacement for before, during and after activity • Monitor sweat rate • Monitor urine color • Eat fruits and vegetables, they also have a high water content - ✔️ Reference: Casa et. al. National Athletic Trainers’ Association Position Statement: Fluid Replacement for Athletes Journal of Athletic Training 2000;35(2):212–224 - (The scientific explanation of this chart may be found in the international journal of sports nutrition Volume 4, 1994, pgs 265 - 279.) - Yash Kaushik Fitness Coach #water #sportsnutrition #athletes #athlete #training #nutrition #onlinecoach #nutritionconsultant #workout #science #fitness #health #stayfit #fitnessmotivation #motivation
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