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Tips for self-recording your videos in the gym

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If you usually workout alone and it feels too awkward to ask someone to record your lifts, the below tips can come in handy for you while self-recording:

1. If possible and convenient, use a tripod 2. If tripod is not possible, you can use your water bottle/dumbbell to rest your phone/camera against it. 3. Set your video settings to the highest possible one. Use portrait mode if you intend to post it on Instagram & use landscape if it is for YouTube. 4. Ensure decent lighting in the place 5. Prioritise using rear camera as much as possible to get better clarity. If you are unsure about getting yourselves correctly captured in the frame using the rear camera while self recording, sacrifice the quality a bit and use the front camera so you can see live if the setup/angles looks good. 6. Depending on the distance where you can safely keep the phone, you would need to use either a wide angled view (slightly less clarity ,as most of the time it is usually not the main lens) or better use the main lens (high clarity). 7. If the camera placement is under 5-6 feet, using the wide angled lens is better as it can capture the entire frame whereas if the camera placement is beyond 6 feet, make sure you use the main lens to capture the video at the highest possible quality. Again this will be very device specific and you will need to take this decision yourselves. 8. See that the entire body & the weights/bar/machine is captured in the frame 9. Side view & rear 45-degree angle is the best for squats to gauge the hip movement, speed of the bar and the depth. Use the front view while doing squats if you feel you need to check the knee caving in.If possible, switch between these angles. 10. Front 45 degree are best when recording deadlifts/bench press/OHP. If you are unsure, a front oblique angle is always safe. 11. Preferably use a high capacity SD card on your phone so that you don't run out of memory every now & then. 12. Having a hard case on your phone helps as your phone is going to get dropped a lot of times :) #fittr #fittrcoach #exercise #gadget #swapnilg
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