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Time Under Tension

Muscle Building
Time Under Tension is nothing but the time period for which a muscle stays under stress when one performs concentric and eccentric movement in any exercise. TUT is also known as lifting the tempo and is considered to be one of the training variables alongside Volume, Intensity, and Repetitions.

One can increase the TUT for any muscle indirectly by increasing the amount of intensity, repetition and overall volume. Hence there is no need to intentionally slow down the tempo of any exercise unless one is compromising on the correct form and technique of the exercise with the existing tempo. As per 2015, a meta-analysis by Schoenfeld and colleagues, revealed that there is no significant the difference in terms of muscle hypertrophy outcomes when the duration of tempo is between 0.5 seconds to 8 seconds. However, going very slow on tempo, i.e., beyond 10 seconds might produce inferior results from a hypertrophy standpoint. So to conclude, TUT is a training variable which can be used to a certain extent to improve the form and technique for beginners, in case of complex movements or maybe even in the cases where one is looking to improve the mind to muscle connection. Over exaggerating the TUT might not reap any additional benefits or might even be counterproductive to hypertrophy gains. Reference : Content by : Praveen Budhrani
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