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Exercise Science
What are Drop Sets?

Drop sets is a training technique in which each set is performed till failure and without taking any rest between sets the consecutive sets are performed by reducing 20 to 25% of the load in each set. How it can save time 🕔? As each set is being performed to failure without taking any rest between the sets, this saves the time of doing rest and you will be able to complete the workout by taking half of the time you would have spent in doing straight sets.Though the volume of workouts will increase but that will mostly be junk volume. Drawbacks - The continues/excessive use of drop sets can results in increased risk of over-training because sets are performed till failure without taking enough rest which is highly fatiguing for the neuromuscular system. When to use this technique? 1. Drop sets can be used when you want to reduce the total time you spend in a gym without compromising muscle growth. 2.Drop sets can also be used at the end of training session preferably with single joint movements when doing straight sets with multi joint movements become tough. Excercise selection - Both multi-joint and single-joint workouts for example - (bicep curl, tricep extension, lateral raises) can be used however single-joint workouts are preferred. References -


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