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Time Efficient Training Strategies

Exercise Science
Most of the time we skip our workout because we will not be able to fit them in our daily schedule due to hectic work schedules which makes making time difficult.

This is because we always assume more the workout the better it will be which isn’t true in all the cases. We need to train our muscles to retain them or build them which helps us with strength, and daily activities. We will be discussing the training strategies which will help you complete your workout when you have limited time. Superset: We perform two or three exercises back to back without taking rest between them. The best choice will be choosing the opposite muscle groups. Example: You can combine chest press and lateral raises to create a superset. Giant Set: We perform three or more variations of a single muscle group with little to no rest one after the other. Example: Combination of shoulder press, lateral raises and reverse pec deck one after the other. Myo-reps: This is a rest-pause training strategy that is introduced by Borge Faferil. After 1-2 warmup sets, we will perform the first set of 9-20 repetitions based on the intensity. Then, with 10-15 seconds rest in between you will be performing mini sets with repetitions ranging between 1-5. Stop when 1 rep drops from the initial mini-set. Example 1: 20reps(1st set) + 5reps(1st mini set) + 5reps(2nd mini set) + 4reps(3 rd mini set) Example 2: 15reps (1st set)+ 4reps(1st mini set) + 4reps(2nd mini set + 4reps (3rd mini set)+ 3 reps(4th mini set). If you observe the example we are stopping the mini sets when 1 rep dropped from 1st mini set. We might hit better volume using traditional sets which will help with strength and hypertrophy but when we have a limited amount of time, using these strategies we can complete our workout in a short time with decent volume. Try these when you have a very short time with you to complete the workout and let me know if these are helpful.


that seems great some more suggestions for short time efficient work outs

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