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(Thyroid is key for metabolism ) in very simple way. Everybody knows fast metabolism & slow metabolism is one of the key for Fat Loss & Fat gain respectively . Your body 's cell consume energy from food for their functioning { the process known as metabolism } Pituitary gland is a master gland ,it's function to regulate other glands like thyroid ,adrenal gland etc . It also get instructions from hypothalamus gland for it's work. Thyroid gland work under pituitary gland , so it's master pituitary gland give instructions by sending TSH hormone . Actually this happens in this way Hypothalamus monitor the level of t3 , t4 in the blood , instruct master gland pituatry to produce TSH . Tsh hormone instruct thyroid to produce t3 , t4 . Now here is what you like to read more.... Thyroid gland is responsible for how much calorie/nutrients is consumed by body's cell . It is done by production of T3 ,T4 hormone . It also responsible for disposition of calcium on your bone so it's also responsible for growth . T3, T4 hormone produced by thyroid goes to cell via blood circulation and tell cell to consume oxygen and nutrient . If more t3 ,t4 then cell consume more calorie hence less disposition as a fat . If less t3 , t4 then cell consume less calorie ,hence more disposition as a fat . A person having hyperthyroidism produce more t3, t4 by thyroid , which cause his/her cell to consume more calorie , less disposition as a fat hence person is lean and feel hunger all the time. A person having hypothyroidism produce less t3 , t4 , his/her cell consume less calorie so more disposition as a fat , hence person become fatty Thyroid gland make hormone T1 ,T2 from iodine diet (iodine deficiency can cause many deforms , body will not developed well, and u may have denga at ur neck, probably every body have seen advertisement by Indian government's instruction for proper iodine diet ) Hope u like the article .I try to make it simple . Thanks Regards Vishal Pahal

Tanuja Mehta

Hi, Request you to through a light on...what are the key points to keep in mind in case of subclinical hypothyroidism if the person's goal is weight gain? Thank you.

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