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Often I have seen many people getting worried because they are not able to follow any particular program, be it your nutrition or workout, gradually start getting panicked and start losing their hopes. If you are unable to sustain something, don't blame yourself, you aren't a God wherein you can do anything at ease. Switch on and move to some different strategy which can be best suited for you, if not that, switch again... & keep moving. Let's talk with an example. I can just workout for 2 days a week because of my hectic schedule. WHAT YOUR WILL POWERS SAYS: 🤐 • I cannot do gymming. • It's not my cup of tea. • I should rather quit because 2 days is nothing, instead, I can focus on my work. (Here basically all that you are doing is just blaming your self) WHAT A SMART STRATEGY SAYS: 😎 • I can switch my timings. • I can start my workouts with 30mins instead of doing it for 2 hours. • I can try for 3 days, then 4 days and later 6 days a week by managing my time and increase my consistency. (Here basically a smart strategy asks yourself about the obstacles you are facing) So the bottom line, Every problem has its solution, you just need to think out of the box and be creative enough to find your solution. So how do you find solutions to your problems?😜

nisha aggarwal

you are right Omkar! it happens due to lack of dedication and seriousness. if you really passion about something, then will try every possible to get that thing😊

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