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How many times have you thought that keto is better than low carb for weight loss? Or this workout is better than that for muscle gain?

How many times have you thought, what is the best time to take protein or shall you be eating carbs before you go to bed? You will always keep reading things that this thing is better than that on internet, but remember there are certain basics that nobody can defy, one of them is energy balance. If you stick to the basic fundamentals you won’t fail. By worrying about meal frequency, nutrient timings, anabolic window, best foods to lose weight or best exercise to gain muscles you are just over complicating things. Things can look good in literature but if you are not able to stick to them, it is just matter of few days and you will quit. So, what is the way out. You know the energy balance, you know the calories in - calories out concept. Plan your things around it. Eat enough whole food for satiety. Figure out the food items that you enjoy eating and add them in your plan. Find out at what time you are free in your day and add your workout schedule there. Find out the physical activity you enjoy doing and do it. Add some weight training sessions along with those activities, make sure you are training with enough volume in those sessions and staying active throughout the day. Schedule things according to your lifestyle and keep the basics in your mind without worrying about too much technicalities if the goal is to just stay fit, because of course with different goals things will change. The way not everybody’s body is same, the same way everybody’s lifestyle is also different. No two persons will have same schedule. Not everyone will have the same stress level. Not everyone will have same recovery. So, plan things your way. Plan things which you can adhere to. Remember generalisation is gold but individualisation is diamond. If you keep these small things in mind, you will enjoy your fitness journey. Cheers!

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