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The field of fitness and nutrition is flooded with hyperbolic claims. You will see companies marketing the magical abilities of their supplements. Some even go so far by claiming that a pill/ powder can reverse years of inactivity and bad food habits. These claims may make them money initially, but the fun is short lived. In the real world, you have to work for everything you want. Nothing comes easy. Everyone is aware of this blunt truth in the back of their mind. However, most of the people fall pray to the marketing industry.

What if I tell you that there's something which can work like a magic pill!! If don't correctly, this one thing can give you multitudes of benefits much over what you can imagine. To top it all, it has no side effects!!! The real world magic pill in fitness is Progressive Resistance Training. Simply stating, it's making your muscle work against a resistance be it body weight, free weights, resistance bands, machines etc with a view to get stronger over time. This one thing will change your outlook towards fitness completely. Here are some of the of benefits it can offer. 1. Improved Insulin Sensitivity For all the people who are struggling with their blood sugar management (diabetic/pre-diabetics), Progressive Resistance Training can be of great help. Regular practice may even help people reduce their medicinal dosages with the recommendation of a doctor. 2. Increased Injury Resistance When you weight trianing, you endure microscopic tears to your muscles due to the load it experiences. With time your body develops bigger and stronger muscles. Similarly, your tendons, bones and connective tissues grow strong as response to the adaptive stress it experiences. This makes your muscles, tendons, bones, connective tissues stronger. This keeps your body prepared and resistant to an injury. 3. Cardiovascular health improvement Many people believe that a person has to do aerobic training seperately to get the cardiovascular benefits. While aerobic training helps with aerobic capacity, you can surely derive cardiovascular benefits from resistance training. For instance let's say you took 8mins to complete 3 set of 10reps squats with 80kgs. With time you are able to complete the same in 5mins. It surely indicates that your cardiovascular health has improved. 4. Better quality of life Remember the happy feeling your experience after a good workout session. Resistance training has shown to help release the feel good hormone serotonin. It's the hormone that is associated with the feelings of well-being and happiness. Resistance training may also help you sleep better. 5. Muscle mass Development of muscle mass is a major reason why people take up training. Progressive Resistance training helps with improved muscle mass which inturn helps you have a better posture, shape, metabolism and appearance. 6. Strength and power Strength and power adaptations are an outcome of resistance training. Dedicated resistance training towards a specific goal may help it more. 7. Atheletic improvement The improvement of muscle mass, strength, power, stronger tendons, tissues and bones help in better atheletic performance. 8. Improved Motor skills Any activity we do which involves our Musculoskeletal system is controlled by our brain through motor units. The more our system perform an activities, the better our brain gets at controlling the muscles involved in that activity. You may have observed the super fast reflexes of martial artists. It's an outcome of years and years of motor learning. Resistance training keeps our muscles well prepared.

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