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Author: Amogh gadewar

So I was watching the television the other day, and suddenly my attention was drawn to a commercial where a beautiful lady in her melodious voice explained how tasty and healthy the “Pulpy fruit drink” she was having was. We all know how beverage companies use such celebrity endorsements in order to persuade the consumers to buy their products. And as an impulsive buyer, we do end up buying the product, only to realize later that it was far from being ‘healthy’ as it claimed to be – in fact, it was just flavored water loaded with sugar – and the nutrients and ‘real fruit’ we perceived to be getting from that drink, didn’t even exist in decent quantities!! Hands up those who have faced this kind of disappointment? Now, for those who are still lulled by those attractive starlets on the screen sipping their so-called health juices with ‘real fruit extracts,’ here’s your chance to debunk all that trash. THE BRAINWASH So over the decades, we have been consuming fruits – whole fruits, which have significant amount of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and the most important thing – Fibre. And somewhere down the line, we have gotten bored. After all, the humble banana and mango don’t really get a fashion makeover every year! In stepped the colorful carton and the snazzy pop bottle. And the sirens singing their praises, or the muscled hulks flexing their guns swearing by their ‘fruit power’ and ‘nutrition boosts’! And jaded as we were, we believed that these attractive packages contained the same nutrition quotient as their whole counterparts. Because the hulk and the fairy on TV said so!Sadly, we are the losers in this whole business. THE FACTS Fruit Juices contain as much sugar as sugary soft drinks, and sometimes even more. Even the 100% ones do not have a significant difference. Don’t believe? Check the Nutrition Label at the back of each and every bottled/canned Juice. Reality will hit you hard and suddenly you will realize, life is not fair because fruit juice you bought is lying. Well, the beverage companies would then defend themselves saying it has all the essential vitamins and anti-oxidants, but they just do not make up for the large amount of sugar contained in it. Even if the Fruit juices you find at the super market are labeled “100%” and “Not from Concentrate”, do not get carried away.Why? Well here’s what really goes on behind the scenes – When the juices are extracted from the whole fruits, they are stored in massive oxygen-depleted storage tanks for a year or so before they are packaged. This is done simply because it is impossible to get round the year supply of the same fruit. The result? Mangoes in off-season, yes. But most of the flavor and nutrient content is lost. In order to not compensate with the taste, the manufacturers then add ‘flavor packs’ to the juices,which create an end product that is rightfully ‘Flavored Sugar Water’. This end product doesn’t even have half the essential nutrients the whole fruits would have had when they were plucked and pulped a whole season ago! When we consume whole fruits, we are also consuming the fiber present in them, and hence, we feel a sense of ‘fullness’ after consuming a few of them. But in the case of fruit juices(which are made up of not one or two, but several fruits), we tend to consume a lot due to the absence of fiber and the high amount of sugars(fructose – gives you that sugar kick).The result? Extra sugars which are consumed get absorbed quickly and our liver generously converts all that extra sugar into fat. THE PULP – FACT OR FICTION? Now you would be wondering and asking yourself, “But my juice has fruit pulp in it – which means it contains real fruit!” Pop, goes the bubble for this one too. Let me tell you that when we consume whole fruits, we get the much-needed fiber from the pulp. But when you consume the so-called “pulpy juices” you’re missing the goodness of the fiber altogether. Again, don’t take my word, see the nutritional label to know it for yourself! So, what exactly is the real deal behind the ‘pulp’ in those juices? Hogwash! TAKE THIS AWAY FOR GOOD The bottomline is simple. If you are fond of eating fruits, eat whole and fresh fruits instead of consuming the flavored drinks loaded with sugar. No matter how many tantalizing pieces of fruit are swimming in it. Author credits – Amogh Gadewar

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Such an informative read. thank you.

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