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The Story Of The Ghost

One day, a man came to visit The Buddha. “My Lord”, he cried, “I am in anguish!”

“Tell me what troubles you”, Lord Buddha said. “Two years ago, my wife passed away. Before she died, she made me promise that I would stay faithful to her even in death.” “Recently, I fell in love with a woman and we got married. But now, the ghost of my wife appears every night and curses me. She says I have been unfaithful. What shall I do?” The Buddha said, “You need to deal with this smartly. The next time she appears, do as I say.” The man listened and agreed to follow them. A week later, he came back. “My Lord, my wife’s ghost has left me”. “Tell me what happened.” The man said, “Just as you instructed, I emptied a bag of beans before her and told her to count them. Immediately, she disappeared and hasn’t returned! It’s a miracle!” The Buddha smiled. “No, not a miracle. That ghost a figment of your imagination. The minute you challenged it, the illusion was dropped. Your mind took over and the problem was solved!” MORAL: The ghost came from the man's own mind. It is his own guilt that came back to haunt him. Something troubles us because we keep giving it our energy and attention. When we move and are able to see beyond it, it loses its power over us and we become free”.

Tanni Das Nath

made my day ... thanks for sharing this ...

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