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The Story Of Karma

Lord Buddha had many students.

One day, as he was being tended by a student, he looked at the boy's face and had a premonition - he had only 3 months to live! He said, “My dear boy, maybe you should visit your parents. It would make them happy.” “Yes, My Lord”, the young pupil said. The next day, he left. Time passed and The Buddha often thought about his young disciple. Then, 4 months later, The Buddha received a pleasant surprise: the young pupil returned. “My child, tell me everything that happened after you left!” “My Lord”, the student said, “I passed through many villages and towns, but I reached the outskirts of my village, I found that the river was flooded. I noticed that the water had destroyed an ant-hill and all the ant’s were running helter-skelter. I decided to help them. I pulled a small branch and lay it across the ant-hill. The ants began to walk across the branch and up the tree to safety. I waited until all the ants were safe. After that, I went home.” The Buddha smiled. “My boy, your love and compassion have saved your life. Now, you will live to become an old man!” MORAL: Your actions can alter your fate. By doing good deeds & by harbouring kind thoughts, we will gain good karma which can change the course of life.
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