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The Story Of Hidden Treasure

Once, Lord Buddha was out for a stroll when he happened to walk by a small pond. There, he saw a young man sitting on the edge of the pond. As the Buddha stood there, he noticed something strange. The young man stared down at the pond as if he was looking at something. Then suddenly, he dived into the water. After swimming to the bottom of the pond, he resurfaced and sat down on the banks.

Then, after staring at the water intently for some more time, he again dived into the pond and came up again. He did this three times and each time he came out of the water, he looked more agitated. The Buddha was amused and decided to find out what was going on. He approached the young man and asked, “Why do you keep diving into the pond? Have you lost something?” The young man bowed to The Buddha and said, “My Lord, there are precious stones at the bottom of the pond. I can see it from the surface but when I dive to the bottom, I can’t find it!” The Buddha looked at the surface of the pond and understood the problem. There were no precious stones in the water. What the young man could see was a reflection of the precious stones that were hidden on top of the tree standing near the pond. But in his haste and excitement, the young man didn’t realize this. The Buddha smiled at the young man’s folly. He said, “My son, you’re doing it all wrong. If you want all those precious stones, you’ll have to climb that tree and dive into the pond! The young man was pleased and thanked The Buddha. He ran to the tree and climbed it with vigor. When he reached the top of the tree and sat on the highest branch, he suddenly realized the truth. The precious stones were hidden in the tree and were never in the water at all! Filling his pockets with the precious stones, he climbed down and bowed before The Buddha who laughed and continued on his walk. Moral: A lot of times, we fail to see what is right in front of us. Haste and excitement blind us to the truth and our mind plays tricks on us and complicates things even more. In such a situation, remember to calm the mind & stay grounded. The solution will present itself soon enough as your mind is full of hidden treasures.

Ritu Gautam

we all can surely relate to this 😅

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