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The Story Of Emptying Your Mind

One day, a learned man came to Lord Buddha.

He bowed and said, “I am a great scholar. I have read all the scriptures. Now, I want to learn the Zen technique. Please teach me." The Buddha started talking about the Zen way. But every few seconds, the man would interrupt The Buddha and offer his opinion or make some remark. This went on for some time. Soon, it was time for tea. The Buddha started serving tea to the learned man. He poured the cup to the brim, but still didn’t stop. He went on pouring tea until the cup overflowed and the tea started flowing down the table. “Stop!” said the learned man. “The cup is full, it can’t hold any more tea.” “Like this cup, your mind is also overflowing with too much information,” replied the Buddha. “To learn Zen, you need to first empty your mind. The man understood and accepted The Buddha as his master. Moral: Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting go and unlearning something every day. Don’t always judge things with your little measuring sticks. Instead, use empathy and understanding. Learn to see the world through other peoples’ eyes.

Brijnandan patel

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