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Chhote Sharma Ji has already packed everything to Kickstart his journey from tomorrow because "The Show Must Go On" 💪💪

How many of you are excited for TC9.0?

How many first time participants are confused, how to start and from where to start? Do you think TC 9.0 will bring any change to your usual routine? As always, Transformation Challenge is starting tomorrow and it will help many of us to be on track for the next 12 weeks. The number of participants increases every time and we always see amazing transformations by the end of 12 weeks. But there is a chunk of participants who lost the track in between, gets demotivated and leave the challenge. The reasons are many, but as per my discussion with few of my friends and colleagues who left it after few weeks, the two most common issues which I thought needs to be addressed are - Paucity of Time; Directionless Efforts. 1. The paucity of time - This I believe is just an excuse. You have 24 hours in a day. Everyone has the same no of hours. Majority of us are doing 9 to 6 jobs; taking care of our Family; doing household chores; managing our social gatherings but still able to maintain our diet and workout. Taking out 60 mins out of 1440 mins is not a big ask. You just need to prioritize your daily routine. If health and fitness is your priority, you will definitely take out time for it. So please stop using this excuse as an escape plan. 2. Directionless Efforts - This is a genuine issue which I need to address. In the beginning, when you start your journey, you do not have much idea about what's right and what's wrong. You start putting your feet in every direction and try to get results by hit and trial method. First thing I will suggest you to read the Get Shredded document. It will help you in understanding the science behind nutrition. If someone is eating 1800 calories and losing weight but you start gaining at 1600 only, you should know the reason behind it, so you can tweak your diet accordingly. Always understand this thing that one size doesn't fit all. You are one unique person whose metabolism and lifestyle is different from others, so your calorie demand and routine need to be adjusted accordingly. This all might sound so complicated now but once you will understand the get shredded, it will be easy to relate. So take out time to read that. Login to Fittr, Go to My Plan and there you have a copy Get Shredded Document in Hindi and English. Another suggestion - once you are ready to start, always set a Goal in advance. Why so? it will keep you on track. How to set a Goal? I always follow a SMART strategy to plan my goals (sounds like an MBA jargon but it truly works) Just read the statements below and find out which one you think will keep you track: - Specific - "I will lose weight this year" OR "I will lose 5 inches from my waist this year" - Measurable - "I will get Fit" OR "I will get Fit and will drop 10% BF this year" - Achievable - "I will lose 30 kgs in next 45 days" OR "I will lose 30 Kgs in next one year" - Realistic - "I am a beginner but will do 250 kgs deadlift in next one month" OR "I am a beginner and will focus on my form and routine for next 30 days" - Time-Bound - "I will Get Fit" OR "I will get Fit by end of this year" Always make sure that you know what you are going to achieve. Once you have a defined goal in front of you, it will be way easy to achieve it. In initial days, consider fitness like your finances. As you manage each and every penny that you earn, you need to manage your fitness similarly. Once it becomes a habit and a lifestyle, you don't need to think about it. At that time when you will put your feet forward in any direction, you will land at the right place. As a Beginner, you need to understand this that there are always some teething problems in initial days, everyone faces it and it takes some time. It's just you who has to be patient and consistent to get results because, in the end, everything will fall into place. So choose your excuses and your goals wisely because Every Decision Matters!! Have a safe Workout!! - Dr. Aakash Bansal #SharmaJiKaBeta #Fittr #Bettr #Smarttr

Brijnandan patel

Woww Thanks sir And this is special and very true line At that time when you will put your feet forward in any direction, you will land at the right place.

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