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The shopping theory

Time in, time again, it has been explained several times about the understanding of fat loss & it's practical implementation.

Yet it always annoys one when the weight on the scale shoots up. If you realte to it, read on, This is a very simple logic that you will have to understand. Let me explain you with a scenario: You start your diet, you start with your training, everything appears to be going smooth until & unless you step on the weighing scale. You might or might not be happy with the amount of progress you have made. Should you be really worried if the scale didn't show you the number you were expecting?? Consider another scenario: You are following diet, training religiously & you had to take a break from your routine due to some unavoidable circumstances, your first step starts to get back on routine by stepping on a scale & checking what is the% of damage in terms of weight gain that you have got. So I ask you the same question again, should you be really concerned about this temporary weight gain? Good if you were able to figure out the answers, well if not- here is the solution: Think with a perspective that you are going for shopping & you are supposed to buy some clothes for yourself. Would you select the clothes based on your fitting/ "Measurements" OR your body weight?? You to a salesperson: Can you help me with a dress size for 70kg/80kg? Or you asking for a dress size relavent to your measurement?? I'm sure you would select the latter as it's a general way wherein one shops. Always do compare your measurements while tracking/ assesing your progress as it's one of the most effective & realistic approach. Lastly, sorry to break this bubble : Just a Weighing scale isn't your best friend to console in all your bad times!! You gotta get into reality.
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