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The Secret To Peace Of Mind

Lord Buddha had a lot of disciples, and he was loved by all of them. But among them was a student who started going out of his way to take care of the Buddha. The Buddha noticed this but decided to simply observe his actions.

After a few days, The Buddha asked him, “Of all my students, you take the best care of me. Why is that?” The disciple acted surprised. “Master, I take care of you because you’re my Guru. There is no other reason!” The Buddha smiled inwardly and thought to himself: “He wants something from me, that’s why he’s making a show of all this love!” He spoke again to the disciple, “I am pleased with your care and love. Ask me anything, and it is yours!” The disciple was pleased and said, “Master, please teach me a mantra that will help me perform miracles.” The Buddha smiled. He wrote a mantra on a leaf and handed it to the disciple. “Here you go! This mantra will help you perform miracles. But remember – there is a rule.” The disciple leaned closer. The Buddha continued – “Whenever you do the mantra, make sure that you don’t, under any circumstances, think of a monkey. If you do, you have to start reciting the mantra all over again.” The disciple thanked the Buddha and hurried away. Finding a secluded spot, he sat down and started reciting the mantra. But the minute he started, his mind immediately began thinking of monkeys. Annoyed with himself, the disciple started reciting the mantra again. But once again, all he could think of was monkeys. This went on and on. Finally, after several attempts, the disciple gave up. Returning to the Buddha, he handed over the mantra and said “My Lord, I give up! You told me not to think of monkeys, but now, that’s the only thing that comes to mind.” The disciple bowed down and asked, “Master, please tell me what I have done wrong.” The Buddha smiled and said, “The Path is not easy. The day you can recite this mantra or do anything without letting your mind disturb you, that is the day you will be liberated. Till then, all you can do is keep trying!” MORAL: Observe your thoughts like a passive bystander and don’t get entangled in them. That is the secret to peace of mind, which is the greatest miracle of all!

Prashant Bhartiya


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