Omkar Kamthe

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Often I have seen many people focusing on unwanted stuff more than what is required. If you observe carefully, our fitness industry is so vast with thousands of brands with good and bad products. But you need to understand, there are no quick fixes for anything, you need to trust the process and be consistent throughout the journey. All these brands either focus on earning money by selling these products or they bring real value to the customers. There are so many products being promoted in the market which can actually confuse you. Be it right or wrong, helpful or not, you cannot stop their business. All you need to do is be smart and just understand the basics of nutrition and weight training and educate yourself. I am not saying, all the supplements are not useful but you need to be smart while choosing them, there is no point in buying the unwanted stuff and wasting your precious money. Like you won't benefit from the abs muscles belt and expect to get shredded with 8 packs, instead, go and get a gym membership and do some weight training at least 3-4 days per week. Also, none of the fat burners or pills is going to help you for a fat loss instead just follow a calorie deficit diet with some weight training which will help you for a healthy fat loss. So the bottom line is, Invest your time and money in the right things, don't just fall in the market trap and buy useless stuff. Understand, the real recipe to achieve all your fitness goals is good structured nutrition, weight training along with good sleep. So how many of you have tried these useless products and started your journey? 😜

Panduranga R Hirenoor

Nice thanks for opening mind

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