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A good pump in the workout, an additional push to lift heavy weights, better performance in gym, pre-workouts are sold & marketed by various taglines to promote the products by supplement companies. Take any pre-workout and it has to contribute few things in common: >> Stimulants / “The energy providers” >> Vasodilators / “The pump providers” >> Cognitive enhancers/ “Focus enhancers” However, if any brand has a proprietary blend formula on its label, one cannot come to a conclusion as to what is the exact ingredient dosage. Majority of the time it may be caffeine overdosed to a very high level. Few pointers for beginners who are trying to start or experiment with pre-workouts, 1: More is not the solution, always start off with half serving of recommended dosage & do not exceed the recommended servings for the day. 2. Try to take it only on the days when you lack enough energy to perform in the gym or on the exercise that demand more of energy. (Varies for all the individuals) 3. Give a break, after continuous usage of about 2- 3 weeks, do not use the pre-workout supplement for 1 week to 10 days and you may start it again. 4. Pre-workouts are not your go to source for extra energy and does not promote any additional fat loss or muscle building help. 5. Structure your diet in such a way that you consume a good pre-workout meal along with protein. 6. A simple serving of black coffee will also be of great help to get you that extra push. For people who are addicted to the pre-workout supplements already: 1. Try and cut the servings that you are taking, by 75% to 50%. (Taper off) 2. Try using a non-stimulant-based pre-workout formula. 3. Structure your diet in such a way that you consume a good pre-workout meal along with protein. 4. Eventually try to cycle the pre-workout supplement on & off, 1 week on & 1 week off, 2 week on & 1 week off (Depending on individual) CONCLUSION: Neither pre-workouts nor is caffeine present in the pre-workout is addictive. What one has to understand is when there is no actual need and one decides to depend on a product for Physiological satisfaction, the person is said to be addicted to the same. One has to learn how to use a supplement and not be dependent on the same for results and benefits. “Make FITNESS as a LIFESTYLE and don’t let products have a control on you, rather you decide to make the right choices”!!!! References: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9889511 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17127537
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