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Exercise Science

SOME IMPORTANT EXERCISES DURING PREGNANCY. When it comes to down physical activities during pregnancy, the most important thing we need to consider is how much active you were before your pregnancy. MUSCLES TO TARGET • Focus on your abdominals, back, trapezius, gluteals, rhomboids, external hip rotators, quadriceps, pelvic floor as it helps to prevent disuse atrophy which can result in spinal and postural issues since uterus and breasts enlarge during pregnancy. WEIGHT TRAINING • If you were doing weight training before your pregnancy you can start with the same pattern during pregnancy, just make sure you use light weights or bodyweight exercises with higher repetitions.15-30 mins per day are necessary for basic fitness adaptations. Lower body exercise may take more time. If you are not confident about the weights make sure you call a spotter always. • Example: Seated cable row, lat pulldown machine, seated chest press machine, lateral-front dumbbell raises, bicep curls, triceps overhead extensions, for lower body leg extensions, leg curls can be added depending on your pre-pregnancy training routine. CORE STRENGTHENING EXERCISES • Pelvic floor exercises, referred to as Kegel's should also be included in the routine which helps to support pelvic organs. Example: low step up, wall squats, hamstring curls, pelvic tilts, seated knee lift, etc. • Plank is one of the best core exercises which will help to enhance your core strength, you can add it in your daily routine and increase the time duration as you be consistent. Along with that, you can also add core breath, side planks, cat-cow pose, bird dog, etc. FLEXIBILITY • Warmups, Static stretches, and slow dynamic movements should be included which improves the flexibility. Your body prepares for performing exercises during the warmup phase. It basically increases circulation and raises your body temperature. AEROBIC EXERCISE • Activities like cycling and swimming are some of the best aerobic exercises but it can be restrictive for many females. Apart from that you can add a combination of walking or jogging, elliptical machines, some yoga and pilates also can benefit during this period. NOTE : 1. Always perform any exercise under the guidance of your doctors. 2. Always stay hydrated while performing your exercises. 3. Don't follow any random plans available on the internet. 4. Make sure you perform any activity with caution and you don't overdo it. 5. If you feel any discomfort or pain while doing any exercise or physical activity stop it there itself and consult you doctor immediately. 6.Rest and recover well after your training routine. References : Link of Part 1 👇 Link of Part 2 👇 Link of Part 3 👇 Link of Part 4 👇 Link of Part 5 👇 Link of Part 6 👇

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