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GENERAL PRECAUTIONS DURING PREGNANCY. Let's understand some of the general Precautions to be taken during the pregnancy period. 1. Food safety Always ensure that the food you eat be it any dairy products or meat is properly refrigerated. 2. Following random crash diets from the internet. A big NO to any random crash diet, understand that this is not the appropriate time to experiment on your body, so avoid any random diets during pregnancy. You need a lot of healthy nutrients to build a healthy baby. 3. Don't skip your first meal of the day. Make sure, you eating your first meal of the day in the morning with a good amount of nutrients, if you are not able to eat in one go always divide your breakfast into two. 4. Don't miss out on your fibers Fibers play a very vital role in regulating your bowel movements, so try to divide your fruits and veggies throughout the day. 5. Choosing Healthy snacks. Have healthy food at the time of snacks instead of eating junk. If you having junk food in the past, it can totally become a habit, so always be cautious about what you are consuming. 6. Following a proper dosage for supplements. Don't just randomly check the dosages of essential supplements on the internet and start consuming. The dosage differs from individuals and according to medical conditions if any. So it's better to consult your doctor before adding them in your plan. 7. Avoid bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. Smoking or drinking alcohol can have a bad impact on the growth of the child. Restrict it totally during this period. 8. The trouble with Nausea? If you having nausea don't start undereating, it's not the solution, just limit the quantity of food and eat in small portions at one time. 9. Sleeping positions. Avoid sleeping on your back as it can cause problems while breathing. Sleeping on your stomach i.e when you lie your face down, your abdomen presses on your expanding uterus, not a great idea either. Sleeping on your left side is the safest position. It helps in improving the circulation providing with nutrient-packed blood with an easy route from your heart to the placenta to nourish your baby. Link of part 1 👇 Link of part 2 👇 References

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