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The Power of Goal Setting

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If you think a chiseled look is possible in 3months or haven’t figured out your goal yet, or you have set a generic goal or you have set a goal & lost way this may help. Read on

Why Set a Goal: Has this happened to you? If not imagine.. Imagine I want to order a piece of upper garment online, it can range from shirts, t-shirts, tops, sleeveless t-shirts , short top etc while searching I find crew neck, v neck, star, Straight Collars, peter pan collars, flat collars etc. So if I haven’t set a target of what I am looking for, I will take a lot of time buying one or even give up the search or buy something that I later regret. Phew! Only if I had decided that I wanted a Straight collared t-shirt for 1500rs it would have been much easier and faster. Similarly if you know what your target is when you start the fitness journey and what outcome you want, the chances are that setting a target will help you achieve better weight loss. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5111772/ How to set your goals? Specific: I often used to say “I want to lose weight or I want to get fittr " but that is very subjective, which lead me nowhere. Setting up specific goals will ensure that one heads in the right direction. Like in the last example determining in specific I want a straight collared t-shirt semi-casual, will ensure that I have my target, my t-shirt achieved by defining specifics. So be specific about goals & make yourself accountable. Measurable: Making it measurable, Its just an extension or a sub-part of above, once you have set the specifics, just have a measureable outcome, define it and ensure to stay accountable to yourself or to your helpful parent, or your friend who’s is a constant support or a coach. Like in the example size “S” fits me, and I will go ahead and buy the right fit for me not for someone else. Attainable: Set the goal to be achievable, not easy not hard but right at the sweet spot which you know will take effort to achieve with. Setting up a realistic achievable goal is what takes to succeed is, you can’t aim for an original tommy Hilfiger shirt(costs 4500) when your budget is only 1500rs. In the same way unrealistic goals will lead to demotivation, laziness, doubts, carelessness like it may take you the wrong way to achieve the target like a crash diet .In our example buying the shirt within my budget of 1500rs. Hence, set up easier goals at the start and then once you build confidence set up slightly tougher but realistic goals again for the future. Tougher target is to change the wrong lifestyle and once changed you keep it that way. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5089615/ https://www.health.harvard.edu/mens-health/an-easier-way-to-set-and-achieve-health-goals Relevant: Wow That person has a Gucci watch i also want one. No! Stay away from things that are not relevant to you. Set up relevant goals for yourself, you have decided to buy a straight collared semi- casual t-shirt go ahead focus on that, not on the watch. Someone wants to run a marathon or deadlift 150kgs, stick to your goal. Do what is relevant to you not to others. Time bound: Accountability comes when goals are time bound. I want to buy the t-shirt at the end of Jan for rs.1500. This is a time bound goal. Setting up timelines helps you achieve it. Again It should be an achievable timeline for example a guy weighing 100kgs says wants to lose20kgs of weight with retaining existing muscle mass in 9 months is a time bound attainable goal. https://www.health.harvard.edu/mens-health/an-easier-way-to-set-and-achieve-health-goals What to do next? Reverse engineer your goals: Once you have set up your goal, identify your long term goal and start working towards it. "The One thing" by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan Reverse says reverse engineer your goals from "someday goal" to "right now goal" to be successful. If you have dreamed about it & are thinking you are going to do it someday, time is to start now. Life is too short and passing us by. Someday goal > Five year goal> One year goal> Monthly goal> Weekly Goal> Daily Goal> Right now goal Say Someday goal is to have abs and maintain it , that is going to require a lot of hard work and can scare you even further make you fear your goal or even give up midway on the journey. But once you start reverse engineering it , it will help. Lets see how: Example Consistent Visible Abs throughout the year > 5 years of Consistent diet + Workout > 1 year of consistent diet & workout> This month diet and workout> This week’s diet and workout> Todays diet and workout> Diet and workout right now. So consistently review yourself to what is it that you are doing right now towards your goal, is it adding to your goal or taking you away from your goal .Even if you have strayed away from your goal. Comeback to your today’s goal and start rather than saying "I will do it some other day" How to stay focused on your goal: A systematic literature review and meta-analysis reviewed weight loss intervention adherence found the following 3 things relating to weight loss : 1) A supervised program had higher adherence rates than those with no supervision which means we want to be accountable to someone. Maybe a parent or friend or a coach and chances of succeeding are higher. 2) Social support program had higher adherence. So when friends, parents, people around you intervene for you to get healthier you should start your journey and keep them informed about your progress regularly. Remember Social support interventions have higher chances of succeeding. 3) Dietary intervention alone had higher adherence than exercise programs alone .So focusing on diet and making changes to your diet is definitely the key and not just focusing on burning off the calories. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4990387/ My goal is currently to shred myself further to around 10-12% body fat% by the end of TC 9.0, I am accountable to a coach and you all are my social support and my dietary plan is ready. What is your goal, mention below in the comments section?

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