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The Power of compound effect: For the better!

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The Power of compound effect

For the better or for the worst . Whats your choice? Is consistancy a problem for you, because you can’t see the bigger picture ? Do you also fall out of the diet as you can’t see the results? Have you been tracking calories and havning a high adherance not seeing muscle gains? ‘Kuch fayada nahi ho raha hain gym jake , calories measure karke.. puri mehnat bekar’ do you have thoughts like these then read on, Lets say you eat a piece of a choclate bar which measures 125 calories every morning for 3 years and you do not modify your diet or exercise or walk extra to burn that off, at the end of the 3rd year you would have gained a whooping 15.2kgs (125*365*3 = 136875cals, 136875/9000cals) Or Lets say you have lost weight and are wanting to maintain the calories or you are trying to increase muscle mass. So you start adding small amount of calories within your diet which go unaccounted even as small as 125 calories or say the occassional miss from the gym or the festival cheats….you often see yourself gain the weight back… But why?? Because our bodies are smart machines and they work on energy expenditure principle Calories in VS Calories out. So if you keep putting in even small amount of calories without cutting something or burning it off in the gym or by NEAT you will gain the weight by the compound effect. Now look at the picture , its one of my favourite pictures that always always keeps me going when I don’t see progress. As per the picture if you have consistant small improvements , even 1% we get an incredible 37.78% total improvement at the end of the year vs when we keep giving up and even if we become worse by 1% decline our improvements further down from zero. Now lets take an opposite example. Say you don’t get the results that you want in 12 weeks or 24 weeks, what is the next option, Either you can improve your perfomance in the gym by 1% everyday and continue to work on your diet and get amazing results at the end vs give up saying “ nothing works on me” “ I cant do this calorie counting thing forever’ “ This is too hard and I don’t get any results” you decline. Tony Robinns says “When you have a decision — whether it's simple or complicated — you often know what the correct choice is, but what option do you choose “ Chose wisely and stay committed to your goals, havent seen your abs for a year or two no problem keep going to the gym and be very patient. I hope by now you understand that patience is a virtue because of compound effect. So What choice are you making today with your body ? Stay committed and see the improvement or to lose the commitment and go away from our goal This article is inspired by @tommaccormick from isntagram and the book “ The compound effect” recommended by my mentee Aniket Khakhadiya.
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