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The first thing which drives you towards your goal is your mind. A rock solid determined mind can move mountains and an unstable negative mind can lead to easiest things being performed improperly.

So recently I had this injury on my bicep and knees which till date has been my biggest hindrance in terms of my work out. I had to play a few cricket matches (which was totally unavoidable) and I am a pace bowler. Though I am regular with the workouts (focusing strength) but this was a test of endurance and I pushed myself to my limits (I was also awarded man of the match and best fielder of the tournament. So I was super energetic and quick on field)(had played 3 matches in a day).I have not been able to move for the past 2 days. Now coming to the approach Where some might think all their gains are lost, why to diet, we will have to start from the scratch, all the progress made is lost and all sort of negativity being absorbed by each and every pore of the body, I look it in a different way. A) I have learnt a lesson that you cannot become a pro by playing 2 days of cricket and you need to evaluate the risk and reward ratio each time you do an activity which isn’t a part of your daily routine. B) Inhale positivity, exhale negativity Whenever you are injured you should not think of progress rather focus on recovery or maintenance. Injury period is when you realise that the progress which you made when you were healthy was much more than you actually valued at that time. Negative thoughts when injured will only lead to mood swings and frustration. We are not robots and ups and down are a part and parcel of our life. C) Setting after recovery goals I feel this is the most important part since your mind will heal sooner than your body. There will be a time when your mind will say, "Let’s kill it" but your body will demand a little more time before it synchronises with the mind. Not getting injured post recovery is also your responsibility. Attached below is my best conditioning and the latest injury. I have spoken my heart out in this post and this shall keep me accountable when I recover.



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