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I've compiled a few criteria to follow, which should lead you in the right direction.

1.)First and foremost check the nutrition label, it should have at least 75 percent of protein per 100 grams 2.) If it says "proprietary blend" or doesn't list the amino acid/leucine content. A "proprietary blend" is usually a technical term for "the cheapest shit we could find." Companies are required to list the ingredients but not the dosages of said ingredients, so you might not even be getting what you paid for or what you paid for might be underdosed. 3.) Leucine (essential amino acid) content, if listed, is less than 2.5g per 25g serving. The leucine content of whey is 10%. So if a 25g serving yields leucine content of let's say 1g, you know that they've added something to the protein as a filler. The less actual protein the company uses, the more return on their investment. Now when it comes to authenticity, here are some easy steps that you can follow and make sure you get the authentic product. 1. Check the brand website whose whey you want to buy and see the official importer or authorized seller; you can get this information on their customer care number 2. Buy product after the above information from that seller then scan the barcode of the product and check the expiry of the product 3. Now again visit the website and verify the product genuine by sharing the batch no that can also be done on a call with customer care 4. Open the product, almost all the whey tubs or packet comes with a scoop; if it's not in the packet /tub then there are chances of adulterations 5. If you are familiar with the taste of the same product, then it should be the same this time also if it's not then confirmed from customer care if they have changed the composition or not. Drop your queries if you have any, remember brand discussion is not allowed. Cheers!! Take Care, Stay Safe

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great info and helpful to beginners

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