Sheenam Gandhi

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THE Monday has Arrived! - Are you doing the same!?

Dieting starts this Monday, after several Mondays, “The Monday” has arrived.

First steps that come to mind? I’m going to take conscious decisions to eat less from now on, no sweets, no soft drinks, no eating out. Oh wait! I know what I’ll do, I’m going stop eating carbs at night or post 6 pm or 7pm. Is it really what you need? Does avoiding carbs at night make you lose fat? Well, completely avoiding carbohydrate sources in any form could drastically reduce your calorie intake, ending up in making you lose body fat & weight in the long run through an indirectly induced caloric deficit. Does this mean that carbs make you fat? Not at all: It’s the total amount of calories consumed during the day that will dictate whether you’re going to gain or lose body fat in the long run, not the timing of the single nutrients. Note: If Calories are matched, no single macronutrient taken singularly will have an impact on body composition, no matter the time of consumption. Pro-sides to eating Carbs at Night: - Consumption of Carbs at night will make you feel more full and satisfied. Carbohydrates regulate hormones like Leptin; which regulates energy balance by inhibiting hunger and Seratonin; a natural chemical released by the brain which makes you feel full and satisfied. - This positively impacts sleep cycle and mood transitions, an important factor to see better results. - The psychological part plays a big role in making progress and adhere to the plan in the long run. When planning for your next Monday, plan well and plan Smart!
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