Arpit Kushwaha

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What do you do when you move to a new place?

You try to get familiar with the roads. You try to get familiar with the transportation system. You try to learn that's place language so that you can at least understand what somebody is try to convey or you can express yourself with clarity. What if you don't do all these things and stick to your old habits? Or you keep forcing your same old habits in that new place? Do you think you will be able to manage things or survive? No, right? The same goes for fitness. That new place is your current condition which you want to change. Those new roads are your eating habits. Change them and start tracking your macros. That new transportation system is your physical activities. Try to find out one which you enjoy doing and include it in your daily routine. That new language is your lifestyle and habits. I'm not asking you to forget old ones but try to learn and make new habits which will help you sustain your new journey of transformation. Don't get lost. Learn and adapt.
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