Omkar Kamthe

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What exactly are you waiting for?🤔🤔 Often I have seen many people just giving excuses for starting their fitness journey. There's a long list of excuses like I am having Social gatherings, work trips, family vacations, birthday parties, religious festivals, and the list goes on... Have you ever realized that these events are going to take place every year or even every month? So if you are waiting for the right 12 or 24 weeks of the year to start your fitness journey, that's not going to happen. You won't be able to achieve your goals and make a good habit and make it a lifestyle. This is just because of your wrong approach towards your goals. There is no 'right time' to start your journey. Just imagine, when you start your fitness journey, you will understand so many things like your relationship with healthy food, what exactly quantified nutrition is, how to achieve your goals, what exercises you need to perform, how to build a healthy lifestyle for longer run, what obstacles you are you facing while following your fitness journey and so many other things. Also, you get an exact idea of how to manage your nutrition and training when you out for social get-togethers etc. Would you know how to do that if you would have not given a start? Obviously not. Trust me, just give a start and within months you will regret of not starting this amazing journey earlier. So the bottom line is, Always try to start early (AT RIGHT TIME), go slowly (WITHOUT RUSHING TOWARDS YOUR GOALS AND WITH A HEALTHY APPROACH) and reach safely towards your destination. So what are you guys waiting for ? Burn those rubbish excuses and start today itself. THE PERFECT TIME HAS ALREADY ARRIVED.😎

Rupinder Ramji

I think you have to ascertain when you function the best. Some people are morning people and therefore do a great workout in the morning and vice versa. So know your own body and try both and see what works for you. I am a morning person so do my best work in the morning. Good luck.

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