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One day, Lord Buddha was walking to another village when he passed by a field. A farmer & some workers were ploughing it.

The farmer was just about to distribute food to the workers. The Buddha waited with his alms bowl, but the farmer sneered, "I plough and sow, and only then do I eat. O monk, do the same, and only then do you have the right to eat." "Brother, I too plough and sow," replied the Buddha. The farmer was puzzled. The Buddha smiled and replied, "I sow the seeds of faith in my disciples. My discipline is the rain. My wisdom is my yoke and plough. I remove the weeds of falsehood. And the result is the fruit of immortality. So, I too plough and sow." Hearing this, the farmer fell to the feet of The Buddha. “Forgive me”, he said, ”Please accept this food." The Buddha refused the food. “ I cannot accept food in return for my teachings”. The farmer exclaimed, “Then, my Lord, accept it as offerings from a disciple!” And from that day onwards, the farmer became a monk in The Buddha’s sangha. Moral: The deeds that you carry out in the world are important, no doubt. But if your mind and heart aren’t open, if you allow the weeds of pride to grow inside you, then your inner world will always remain barren and in turmoil.
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