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The Buddha And The Daydreamer

One day, a man came to The Buddha with his son.

“My Lord”, he said, “all he does is daydream. Please do something with him!” The Buddha said, “Let him stay here. Maybe he’ll mend his ways.” The next morning, the boy was told to milk the cow. Reluctantly, he went to the shed. Soon, his mind started wandering. “I will take this milk and turn it into ghee. After I sell ghee, I'll buy a hen who will lay eggs. Soon, I’ll become a successful poultry farmer. Everyone will buy their eggs only from me!” The boy got really excited. “But then, some jealous people will try to steal my hens. But I won’t let them - when they try to steal my hens, I will strike them down with one blow!” As he thought this, the boy swung his hand through the air! He hit the cow who kicked the bucket. All the milk spilled and the boy came to his senses. Seeing the spilled milk, the boy broke down. The Buddha came there and the boy told him what had happened. “My father is right! I’ll never amount to anything!” The Buddha smiled and said, “My son, dreaming isn't bad. But you also need to take action in real life! Otherwise, just like this spilled milk, your dreams will be of no use”. Moral: Dreams combined with Action can work wonders; dreams without action are worthless!
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