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Often I have seen many people following this kind of approach. Let's understand what exactly it is all about? People think the black approach is all about eating all junk or unhealthy food ( pizzas, donuts, icecreams, fries, etc ) The white approach according to their mindset is all about eating healthy foodstuffs with amazing nutritional values. ( Chicken breast, salads, fish and lot more food which is super healthy ) What do you feel which approach is the best for achieving your fitness goals? Here's the thing, The mixture of black and white approach is always the best to achieve your goals. Let me simplify it, If your past has been full of junk and unhealthy foodstuff, it's impossible for you to sustain on clean healthy food all of sudden. You can sustain it for one week, maybe two weeks but it will be very difficult to sustain it further and eventually you will fail. That's where the grey approach comes into play, it basically means having a mixture of healthy foods and foods what you crave for, BUT.... in limited portions and never forget to track what you are eating. ( NOTE: Make sure you don't overeat it and depend on unhealthy food as you did in your past.) Also, make sure you are not exceeding your daily caloric intake. Initially, until your body adapts to a healthy lifestyle you can add some foods that you crave for and gradually cut down the unwanted food over the period of time as you become consistent. Trust me once you start seeing results, it becomes an addiction and you will definitely cut down what's coming in your way. So the bottom line is, Things take time, your body needs time to adapt to a new lifestyle. There is no expiration date when it comes to health and fitness. It should be an ongoing process, your focus should constantly be on bettering yourself with a good healthy lifestyle for a longer run. So what strategies do you follow to make your diet sustainable ? 😜
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