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The Big Gym Myth

Exercise Science
"If you go to the gym you will lose fat and then once you leave you will gain it back!

Also Muscles turn to fat ,So don't go to the gym , do some running! " Have you heard this one before? A lot of us are afraid of this and don't want to workout. Let's break the myth. Let's together do this and trust me at the end you will be able to break two more myths , let's see if we can. 1. Calories in VS Calories out The energy balance principle again yes,so here it is How much do we eat VS How much does our body burns. So how much does our body burn = BMR + EAT + NEAT + TEF 60-75% + 10-15% + 10-15% + 10% = TDEE Total Daily Energy Expenditure (100%) BMR= Energy required for processes to keep us alive EAT= Energy required for excercise related activities Neat = Energy expended with occupation, leisure time activity, all other spontaneous movements, including “fidgeting" etc Thermic Effect of Food = Energy to digest, absorb, and store the nutrients from food. Protein has the highest thermic effect, and fat has the lowest) Hence if we eat less than what our body burns we will reduce weight If we eat more than what our body burns we will gain weight If we eat as much our body requires we will maintain weight. Once you understand this proceed below. If not just read again and we will get it. Let's quickly take you to scene 1: Q . Now say person A consumes 2000cals + goes to the gym (EAT) and does an IT job suddenly leaves the gym , becomes fat in few months. Why ? Gyms fault? Hmm not really. Ans. Person A continues to consume 2000cals ,but his 10-15% requirement from Excersise has become zero. Now his body requirement is 10-15% lesser. Hence he must reduce intake If he continues to consume 2000cals he is going to add few extra calories daily, more calories than body burns and thus he gains weight over a period of time. Also yes muscle cannot get converted to fat that is not possible . Hence if the person can't get to the gym, ask the person to remain active and eat lesser calories than tdee You can check your own BMR and tdee on this app under tools. Ofcourse there is more that happens behind the scenes but for now we will be able to achieve our goal. Let's see if you can break the below myths using the simple above principle : A. Person B is an active Kid in college and joins a desk job and within 2 years puts on weight why did he put on weight? What would you suggest this person B. Person C is a dancer and stops dancing and gains fat in a year , why did he put on weight? What would you suggest this person Hope you are able to apply science to break these myths, do post your answers in comments below.

nisha aggarwal

This is really a myth and thanks for breaking it!

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