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The best diet

_____________________________________________ In last video I did discuss that there is no good food or bad food. There are good diets and bad diets, so in this post I’ll be discussing how does a good look. You might have heard about various diets out there like Keto, low carb, high carb, and paleo etc. Let me tell you there is no diet which is superior to other diets. If the calories are equated, you there won’t be any significant difference is fat loss. The best diet is the diet which you can easily follow and sustainable for you. So, how to design your own best diet? * Add adequate protein in your diet. Recommended range is anywhere 0.8-2.2 gm/kg of bodyweight. Rest of the calories can be divided into carbs and fats depending upon the individual’s preference. * Add enough fibers. Recommended range is 10gm/1000 kcals. So, if you are a person who is having maintenance of 2300 kcals and you created a deficit of 300 kcals. Your calories intake would be 2000 kcals per day and fiber intake would be around 20gms. * One of the reasons diets fail is because of the hunger. So, try to complete most of the calories from the food items which are high in satiety and volume so that you don’t feel hungry. * Another reason why diet fail is because of monotony or cravings. So, if you have completed majority portion of your calories from food high in volume you can add some rewarding foods in your plan. The calories coming from such foods can be kept around 150-250 kcals. This is only possible when the deficit is not very big, and you maintain your weight on decent calories. * If you are somebody who doesn’t know where to stop and a complete beginner to dieting, I won’t recommend the above approach. * Last and important point do not forget to complete your micronutrients. If you take care of all these points, you are ready with your own best diet for fat loss. Remember adherence and sustainability is the most important point, I repeat. All the best. Happy dieting.

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