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Dieting Psychology
The best diet.

What's the best diet for you? Whenever we see a particular diet online, be it keto, paleo, low carb, high carb, etc, we realize that there's a particular food group or macronutrient which is avoided in that particular diet which often creates a huge misconception in the mind of people. So here's an example, in a particular diet if it asks to exclude bread, then people may associate fat loss with the thought that they have to cut bread at any cost. They would then associate bread with fat gain. Similarly, if it's a low-fat diet, people associate eating fats with gaining fats which is very wrong. Because of this, there are so many myths in mind of people regarding a particular food group. What we need to understand is, one particular food group is not the cause for fat loss or fat gain, it's calorie deficit which helps you for your fat loss. You may have certain views regarding particular food that this food is very bad for fat loss, however, the real danger is in the dosage i.e ( quantity of food you eat ) So just : 1. Demolish the ideas of good/bad food. 2. Focus on the important factor i.e Calorie deficit. 3. Figure out what foods make you feel happy and satisfied and what foods don't suit you. So what's the conclusion ?? The best diet is the one: 1. Which you like the most. 2. Which suits your schedule and lifestyle. 3. Which allows you to be consistent and which you can sustain for a longer term. 4.Which allows you to enjoy your life without feeling restricted. Cheers! Enjoy your diet.
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