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The Bench Press Bar Path! 🏋️

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> The bar should be right over the shoulders at the starting point AND at the end of the movement which means instead of driving the bar straight up, drive it back towards your face as you press the weights off your chest. > Research has shown massive improvements in competitive lifters by improving the bar path resulting in making the lift more efficient. Best way to press the bar! 👍 While initiating the bench press the bar should be right over your shoulder joint/upper back as it is the strongest point where you can hold the bar. This is because the displacement of the bar path toward the shoulders reduces the torque that the lifter is required to generate at the shoulders. The descend will be pretty much the same for all lifters but what differentiates between the novice and experienced lifters is the ascending bar path. However, the total work done on the press will be the same despite the different bar paths. Now, while pressing the bar at the ascend, research shows more torque production at the shoulder joint when the bar is pressed back towards your face instead of pressing it straight up making the lift more efficient. Why does this work best? 👨‍🏫 Think of the basic movements in a bench press - elbow extension, shoulder flexion, and shoulder horizontal flexion. And the main muscles involved are your pecs and front delts. Both pec and anterior delt muscles contribute to shoulder flexion and shoulder horizontal flexion demands in the bench press. An increase in the total flexion demand results in an increase in the moment arm (distance from the bar to your shoulder joint) which makes the lift less efficient. Vice versa if the moment arm is shorter demanding decreased total flexion demand so you can press greater loads with more ease. Reference: Bench Press More Now: Breakthroughs in biomechanics and training methods by Thomas M McLaughlin 🙏

Haneet Singh

Thanks for the post. A query, This means that Lats and elbows would be at 60-90 degree angle?

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