Christian Francis

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The art of Motivation

You think you need to be genetically gifted in order to pursue your wanted fitness goals, you think you need to be lucky and you think you need to have better assets than the majority to achieve big things in life. But the great gift is already given to you, and it is right in your head, all we have to do is to tame this power.

Remember that time when you felt like motvation was on top, you were committed to completely turn your life around? But after some time you lost that drive, and suddenly you are not as productive and precise in your actions as you first were. It is because motvation usually comes and goes in correlation with negative things happening in your life, the trick is to be able to call upon it on command. We live in a cruel world where shit happens, and shit will happen in everyones life, whether it is stress at the job, loss of a loved one or even an traumatised sexual assault. The beautiful thing about life is that you have the power of choice, choose to accept as an victim, or choose to defy as an survivor. See negative things as an test, like everything is happening for a reason and that anything can be turned into productive energy, used as fuel in forms of rage, love and passion. We are all different, not better or worse, we all have strengths and weaknesses that we need to find out for ourselves and apply accordingly. Whatever happens in life is solely your decision on how you are choose to precieve it, are you gonna see it as an obstacle or a challenge? #Fittr #Iamfittr #Fittraustralia

Nafeesa Saleh

Thanks for this chris.. some negative things happened today and then I scroll and read your article. Amazing.. I usually take everything as a challenge but today i was broke, felt devastated and this article brought back my spark.. Thanks a lot🙏❤ #wontgiveupever #willfighttillend

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