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The Art of Breathing! (Part01)

Exercise Science
One of the most basic processes for our survival in day to day life, while there is no rocket science explanation needed when it comes to the importance of breathing, it is equally an overlooked concept, whether it comes to the role in exercising or even on attaining a sheer focus on any activity or an object. Talk about meditation studies, one would definitely come to know the importance of focusing on this process of inhaling and exhaling, where our lives exist. Before we go into the process and importance during resistance exercises, let us first understand the basics.

(Will cover the latter in the next part seeing the complexity of the topic.) What if I ask you- “How often do you breathe properly??” * Almost all of us do shallow breathing by just filling the upper portion of the lungs and raising the chest. * One definitely needs to have a look at the infants when they are just born. Their stomach rises and falls after every breath when they are asleep, which perhaps is the correct way. It is possible to achieve when one breathes through the stomach pushing the diaphragm out to take in air. But, why do we need to practise it? * Practicing this regularly might help us to take in greater volume of oxygen and we know the importance of oxygen in our daily lives; digging deep, it serves as our survival source by helping in energy production (Glucose produced from the food we eat combines with oxygen to produce ATP). * There are several other advantages too, like helping in increasing our alertness and reflexes, for relaxing and managing stress, controlling psychological states, as well. * When it comes to meditation, breathing is the key focus, one needs to focus on the process of inhalation and exhalation to attain the connection with the source energy. While just paying attention to the breath you leave out all other outside elements and resistances around and hence you get aligned with your inner self. Just recall the last time when you got angry and someone would have asked you to take a deep breath. That really helped, didn’t it? Our ancestors were quite smart. They used to practice yoga as a healthy way of life. * The yogic breathing exercises have been one of the widely used relaxation exercises. The yogic breathing – “Pranayama”, is a unique method to balance the autonomic nervous system by manipulating the breath movement, while influencing psychological and stress-related disorders. * The environmental pollution, increased pace of life, psychosocial disturbances, eating habits, and sedentary lifestyle have increased stress levels and the related disorders. Resting the case here for now, will cover the breathing techniques during exercises in the next part.

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