Sheikh Nadir Siddiquee

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The After Story!

Reached your Dream Body Goals? Congratulations!

But does it give you the liberty to go free about your lifestyle/ food habits/ workouts? The answer is unfortunately NO. Remember our parents used to tell us while we were kids. “Beta, ab padh le fir College mein enjoy kar lena.” “When you reach College; Beta placement nikaal le fir Life set hai.” Join the Job and Rest is you know.... So, basically it never gets easy. Rather, Difficult! Similarly, your body is adaptive. The fats are stored in adipose tissues.Now these cells shrink when we lose fat but they are always there. They don’t just vanish. Rather, when you try to lose too much weight in a very small time frame; they bounce back at a faster rate. In this scenario, the number of fat cells increase and then your body is prepared to store more than before. Hence, you would notice us recommending to take it slow and make it a lifestyle thing and not some crash course. Body has a Set point where it maintains the weight. So you lose measurements by dieting but still the weight hardly moves. At times when you lose fat from these adipose tissues, water gets retained in the body to compensate for the weight lost. Hence, minimal changes in weight. So next time do not worry about the Weight if you are seeing visible changes. Take away Points from the Article: - Make Fitness a Lifestyle. Obesity won’t stop haunting you. Improve your metabolism so that your body finds it difficult to regain fat. Only eating low Calories throughout life is just going to give a temporary fix. - Focus on Measurements Change more than weight. ALWAYS! - Never get complacent with your Body. Good news: You have Muscle memory too. So if you have a certain amount of Muscles, your body will always get back to that even if you lost them during a small break or due to some reason. Stay Fit, Stay Consistent!
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